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    Cade’s Clerical is passionate about helping you with all of your bookkeeping and administrative needs.

    Did you know that, operational inefficiencies, poor office administration and less than adequate bookkeeping are three of the top ten reasons why businesses fail?

    By managing your office administration, bookkeeping and providing you with clerical support and personal assistance, Cade’s Clerical will ensure that your business achieves success.

    Cade’s Clerical’s professional support will ensure that you can continue to grow your business and manage your clients without the burden of office administration.

    Working with today’s leading software we are able to provide the most dynamic service in the clerical support field.

    Located in beautiful Mudgee, 3 hours west of Sydney, Cade’s Clerical services clients locally and from around Australia. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

    You can contact us via the contact form below or telephone 0414 293 653 / 02 6373 8111

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    Cades Clerical - bookkeeping services


    Maintaining your books and finances is one of the most important aspects of running your business. You can’t afford to get it wrong and with Cade’s Clerical skilled support you won’t. We will manage your invoicing, debtors and staff payroll. Our concise financial and inventory reporting will ensure that you always understand your financial position.

    Accounts Receivable
    We manage all of your invoicing and client reminders

    Accounts Payable
    We pay your suppliers within terms and conditions at the touch of a button

    Payroll, PAYG Instalments and Superannuation Contributions
    Let us do it for you, you can’t afford to get it wrong

    Reconciling Bank Accounts
    Are your records in order? Let us help you balance your accounts and keep it that way

    Financial Reporting
    Our clear and concise reports will ensure you know your exact financial position each month

    We will track your stock and materials and you will know exactly what your customer uses

    This service will be available soon

    Please contact us via the contact form below or telephone 0414 293 653 / 02 6373 8111.

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    Cades Clerical - Growing your business to its full potential

    General Administration

    By getting your general administration in order you will be able to concentrate more on your clients. Cade’s Clerical wants to help your business grow to its full potential.

    Debt Recovery
    Whilst we are not a collection agency we can assist by contacting your debtors on your behalf. Often one call from someone other than you can trigger payment and keep the relationship intact. Cade’s Clerical has a renowned reputation in regaining unpaid debts

    Tradie Support
    Our team will manage your quotes, materials ordering, deliveries, diary and enquiries while you focus on the job

    Send us those loose documents lying around your office. We will sort them into nominated categories and return them with a master list all ready to slip into your filing cabinet

    Word Processing
    General correspondence, reports, proposals, tenders, assignments and thesis. Any document you need developed we will do it for you

    Data Collection
    We can collect, collate and summarise data obtained from reports and surveys

    Desktop Publishing
    We can create all types of documents; templates, brochures, certificates, cards, invitations, signs, menus and forms

    We will design, format and maintain your spreadsheets

    Presentation Documents
    We will create high quality presentation documents for your next meeting or client pitch

    Purchasing Management
    Let us stay on top of your orders. We will chase outstanding orders, track existing ones and place new ones on your behalf

    Sales, Welcome and Information Packs
    We will collate and create any type of pack you require for your next event, staff welcome or sales pitch

    Please contact us via the contact form below or telephone 0414 293 653 / 02 6373 8111.

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    Cades Clerical - Personal Assistance support

    Personal Assistance

    As a business owner you may not have the capacity to hire additional support staff which would allow you to focus on obtaining and maintaining your clients. Let Cade’s Clerical personal assistant support you in the following ways.

    Bookings and Gifts
    Let us take care of all of the little time consuming jobs such as restaurant bookings, staff/client gifts, catering orders, meeting planning, taxi bookings and office party bookings. We can help you with anything you don’t have time to do

    Travel and Accommodation
    Our experienced team will research and book airfares, car hire and accommodation for your next business or personal getaway

    Let us manage your correspondence and attendance for your next event. We will maintain all invitations and replies providing you with attendee reports

    Client and Staff appreciation
    We will purchase employee/client appreciation gifts or certificates on your behalf. Additionally we can arrange for catering and/or restaurant bookings, and help you with your next office party bookings

    Please contact us via the contact form below or telephone 0414 293 653 / 02 6373 8111.

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    Cades Clerical Director, Renee Cade

    About Me

    Cade’s Clerical has a clear vision to provide professional and efficient support to you and your business. By aligning our skills and knowledge with your business goals you will obtain access to superior office support which will allow you to concentrate on client management and client acquisition, ensuring your business grows to your desired level.

    Time taken up with bookkeeping, administration and other general office tasks can keep you away from servicing your clients effectively. Let Cade’s Clerical manage your office functionality, keeping you visible to your clients.

    Cade’s Clerical’s efficient and cost effective business model means that you will benefit from our clerical support without having the expense of full time staff and associated overheads. You will no longer have to seek family help or run yourself into the ground trying to keep up with all of your offices demands.

    We will reduce your administration costs through an approach that embraces continuous improvement.

    Renee Cade – Profile

    I have a passion for helping businesses thrive.

    With more than 17 years of professional clerical experience and having worked for both small business and some of the world’s largest corporations such as Thiess/Peabody Energy, Westpac and Stryker I will become a valuable asset to your business.

    I know exactly what office support a business requires. My ability to review your businesses needs and come up with a plan to support it through efficient administration is unsurpassable. I am able to analyse the unique challenges that a business faces and actively create personalised solutions for all my clients.

    I am highly regarded in the industry and my clients talk about my commitment to helping them build a great business. This fact alone has made me the ‘go to’ person for anything when it comes to running an office smoothly and effectively.

    Every business has different administrative requirements. With this in mind I guarantee that all of my clients are treated individually and that the administrative solutions provided to you will be unique to your needs.

    I look forward to helping your business becoming the best it can be.

    Contact me today on 0414 293 653 / 02 6373 8111 or submit an enquiry form

    Extended Team

    Having worked in Mudgee for some time now, we have built some close relationships with complementary suppliers that we can recommend to our clients. We can help you with marketing and events, catering, accounting and much more. If you need help getting your project off the ground, let us know and we will point you in the right direction.

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    Pricing and Privacy

    We will work with you to create a support package that will meet both your needs and your budget.

    Below is a guide to our pricing. Usual starting prices for remote support are quoted, however please contact us with your specific needs and we will tailor a quote for you.

    • Administration tasks $38+GST per hour
    • Bookkeeping services $40+GST per hour

    NOTE: A minimum 1 hour fee applies for services; clients are invoiced in 15 minute increments thereafter and we will provide you with an itemized report on time allocation.

    If you require work to be completed onsite at your office we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

    Please contact us via the below contact form or telephone 0414 293 653 or 02 6373 8111.

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